Did you know that you can use the Spotify app on your Apple Watch or iPhone to control playback from your wrist? You can also play and pause music, skip songs, or even shuffle tracks with just a swipe. Learn how to use this feature in this post.

How to Use Spotify on Your Apple Watch?

You can use the Spotify app for Apple Watch in watchOS 4 and above. To listen to music with the Spotify app, you need a Spotify Premium account and the Spotify App installed.

Here’s how to install Spotify on your Apple Watch.

1. On your phone, open the Watch App.

2. Go to “Installed on Apple Watch” and make sure you can see the Spotify app there. 

Spotify app
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3. If you can’t see it, install the app by scrolling down to “Available Apps” and tapping “Install” right next to Spotify.

Once you have Spotify installed on your words, you can launch it by tapping the icon on your watch. 

You will see the title and artist of the song you are listening to, as well as player controls on your watch, and you can swipe left or right to browse through your playlists or songs.

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Listening to Spotify on Your Apple Watch vs. iPhone

When you’re listening on your connected iPhone, your iPhone will start playing the song and display a progress bar. But when you start playing music on your Apple Watch through the Spotify app, the song begins playing immediately on your Apple Watch (you can’t see a song progress bar). 

Listening to Spotify on Your Apple Watch
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How to Control Playback from your Apple Watch

You can pause, play, skip songs, and see what track is next with your Apple Watch. Here’s how to control Spotify playback with your watch.

  1. Press and release the Digital Crown button. 
  2. Tap the Next or Previous Track icon to move to the next song or previous song. 
  3. Tap the Pause icon to pause playback. 
  4. Tap the Now Playing icon to see your library, song title, artist, album, and more info about the current song you’re listening to. 
  5. Swipe down on your watch face to open Control Centre. 
  6. Tap the Next Track icon to skip to the next song. 
  7. Tap the Previous Track icon to go back to the previous song. 
  8. Swipe left and right on Control Centre to skip tracks forward and back, respectively.

Can you Play Spotify on Apple Watch Without the iPhone?

Yes, you can stream Spotify directly on your Apple Watch without having to connect to an iPhone. The feature was rolled out in 2020 and users can now stream music and podcasts directly on their watch even when their iPhone is not nearby, which comes in handy when you’re on a run, for example

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