How to Remove a Table in Excel

An example of an Excel table

An Excel table allows you to group a range of cells together. If you’re using a table in your Excel workbook, you can sort and filter through your data or apply special formatting to your table to make it stand out. This makes it easier to scan through and analyze your data, but it can …

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How to Add a Watermark in Excel

If you’re working on an Excel spreadsheet that you want to share or collaborate on with others, you might want to think about adding a watermark. A watermark identifies you as the owner or creator of the spreadsheet, and usually incorporates your name or your business branding. It could be a logo, a signature, a …

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How to find duplicates in Excel

As you continue to grow your Excel skills, you’ll probably find yourself working with large amounts of data. Whether you’re using it as data points or searching for unique answers, it’s important to be able to find duplicates. Like many features in Excel, you can get the job done multiple ways. Here are a few …

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How to sum a column in Excel

Excel is a productivity essential, with advanced functions like macros and PivotTables. But sometimes, you just need to add a whole stack of numbers in a hurry. If that’s the case, you need to know how to sum a column in Excel. Just like many popular Excel functions, there’s more than one way to reach …

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How to create formulas in Excel

There’s very little that Microsoft Excel can’t do. At an advanced level, it can automate complex tasks and produce stunning graphs, but even a few beginner tips on creating formulas can have it working wonders for you. After entering numbers in cells, the most simple way you can save time using Excel is to create …

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How to subtract in Microsoft Excel

One of the most common functions you’ll find yourself using in Excel is basic math. You’ll find that most operations have straightforward formulas that you can use to add, multiply, and more. However, there is no formula in Excel that allows you to subtract. Instead, here are a few alternative methods for how to subtract …

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