The Apple Watch is a great piece of technology, but if you want to use it at its full capacity, you need to charge it every day. 

Charging the Apple Watch is pretty self-explanatory, but you need to know other things as an Apple Watch user, such as how long the battery will last once the watch is fully charged and whether you can charge it wirelessly. 

How to charge your Apple Watch
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How to charge the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is not a device that you can use while it charges because you need to connect the magnetic underside. Here’s how to charge your Apple Watch:

  1. Take off your Apple Watch and position its back on the charging puck, making sure it locks into place. You should see a green lightning bolt icon at this point.
  2. Wait for the watch to charge by following the indicator on the screen. The watch will go into Nightstand Mode when charging, which means he would only be able to see the time, date, and battery level.
  3. When the wash is completely charged, pull the magnetic puck away.

If your Apple Watch doesn’t charge, check off to see if the cable is connected. If you’re using a third-party charger, try to charge the watch using Apple’s supplied cable. You should also make sure that there’s no dirt on the watch or charger and that you have removed or plastic protectors. Finally, if the watch still won’t charge, it might be time for a reset.

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How to check your battery level

To see how much battery your Apple Watch has left, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Center. Here you’ll see the battery level percentage and access power saving modes.

How long does it take to charge the Apple Watch?

The battery life of an Apple Watch varies slightly from generation to generation, but all watches take approximately the same time to charge. An Apple Watch can go from 0 to 80% charge in 90 minutes, and it can reach 100% after about 2.5 hours. 

This speedy charging is great for those who want to track their sleep and workouts but don’t necessarily care about tracking their status while sitting at the desk.

Can you charge the Apple Watch wirelessly? 

No, the Apple Watch can’t charge wirelessly, because, unlike the iPhone, it’s not comfortable with Qi charging standards.

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