Water-resistance is becoming increasingly common in electronic products, including the Apple Watch. You can wear your Watch (Series 2 or later) in the shower while swimming, and while sweating at the gym. In fact, the Watch can not only keep water out, but it can also evacuate any excess water that has entered the system.

The water-resistance of different Apple Watch models varies. Owners of the first generation and Series 1 Apple Watches should be aware that they are splash- and water-resistant, but full submersion is not recommended.

Apple Watch Series 2 and later models are suitable for shallow-water activities such as swimming, but they are not suitable for high-velocity water activities such as water skiing or submersion below shallow depths (such as scuba diving).

Furthermore, Apple warns that things such as soapy water, lotions, and sunscreen, as well as settings such as saunas or steam baths, can eventually wear out the water-resistant seals on the Watch. Finally, make sure your Watchband is water-resistant as not all of them are.

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Water-resistance is a feature that deteriorates over time

Apple emphasizes that Watches cannot be resealed, and that water resistance is not permanent. It is possible to damage an Apple Watch by dropping it or wearing it in a sauna or steam room, among other things.

Using Apple Watch in the shower or when swimming? Use Water Lock

This function locks an Apple Watch’s screen to prevent accidental taps while swimming. To manually activate it:

  1. Swipe up on the Apple Watch’s face to Open Control Center.
  2. To access Water Lock, which looks like a droplet, use your finger or Digital Crown.
  3. Tap the Water Lock symbol. A blue water droplet shows in the Watch face when activated.
Water Lock symbol
Image source: support.apple.com

When you’re done showering, turn off Water Lock by rotating the Digital Crown until the round icon is blue. Once unlocked, the Watch will produce a series of sounds to clear water from its speakers.

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