Turning your Apple Watch off can help you save your battery in an emergency. It’s also a handy thing to do if you want take a break from technology once in a while.

Once you’ve turned your Watch off, you’ll need to know how to turn it back on so you can use it again. Turning the Watch off and on resets it, which means that it can also help you with various troubleshooting issues.

Learn how to turn off and on the Apple Watch in order to restart it or save the battery in an emergency.

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How to turn off the Apple Watch

1. Hold down the side button for three seconds until you see the following slider options: Power Off, Medical ID, and Emergency SOS.

2. To switch off Apple Watch, slide the Power Off button to the right.

Power Off button
Image source: iphonelife.com

3. According to the Apple Watch user handbook, you cannot switch off your Apple Watch while the device is charging. Before you can turn it off, you must first unplug it from its charger.

How to turn on the Apple Watch

  1. Hold down the side button until you see the Apple logo in the center of the screen.
  2. It may take a few moments for the Watch to fully power on. The watch face will appear when the device is turned on. If you have a password set on your Watch, you may need to use it to unlock the Watch.

How to force restart the Apple Watch for troubleshooting

  1. Press and hold the side button and the Digital Crown simultaneously if your Watch isn’t responding (and isn’t currently updating, as shown by an Apple logo and a progress wheel).
  2. As soon as you see the Apple logo, release both buttons (it will take about 10 seconds).
How to Turn Your Apple Watch Power On and Off
Image source: support.apple.com

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