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How to Screenshot on a Mac

Capturing a screenshot is the easiest way to share what you see on the screen or save some information for later. Whether it’s something funny that you want to share with your friends or an error that you need to send to tech support, knowing how to screenshot always comes in handy. Screenshotting on a …

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How to Screenshot on an iPhone

How to Screenshot on an iPhone

Whenever you need to save what’s on your iPhone screen, you can easily do so with a screenshot. Depending on the iPhone model you have, there are various ways of taking a screenshot. The easiest method to screenshot on an iPhone is by taking a capture using Apple’s native feature. However, if you’re interested in …

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How to Screen Record on iPhone

How to Screen Record on iPhone

Taking a screen record on iPhone is not a complicated process. In fact, it’s just as easy as taking a screenshot, but you’ll have to set it up first. To screen record on an iPhone, you can either use the native method available in settings or use an app. The advantage of using the native …

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Houseparty: What is it how to use it.

Houseparty is a video chat application owned by Epic Games that eliminates all the bells and whistles you find in competing services. Instead of complicated menus and a plethora of features, Houseparty’s main lure is spontaneity. Once people start a video chat, friends can jump in and out of these “house parties” to join the …

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Apple iPad warranties explained

So you just bought your new iPad (or any Apple device for that matter), and after some time a few issues start to show up with the hardware, or the absolutely horrifying case where you were just down right careless and drop your device, damaging the body or worse, the display. What is the best …

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5 best music player apps for Mac

Mac is an OS for creative types. Thus, most musicians use it for its recording software, like Garage Band. However, it’s still a good OS for listening as well. Most people use iTunes. It’s a serviceable audio player with a ton of organizational features. However, it’s also resource intensive and covers more than just music. …

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Best quiz games for Mac

Mac isn’t the best platform for games. It’s mostly for creative types and works as an excellent foil to Windows (and vice versa). There are games for the platform, though, and that includes quiz games. You can find them on Facebook, the Internet, Steam, and even the Mac Store in some cases. Here are the best quiz …

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