The Apple Watch can measure blood pressure, but only with the help of a paired blood pressure monitor. It cannot measure blood pressure on its own.

Your watch has all sorts of health-related features, including heart-rate monitoring, fall detection, fertility tracking, sleep tracking, noise alerts, and more. You can also use it to measure your blood pressure but only with the help of a medically validated blood pressure monitor.

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By pairing your Apple Watch with a blood pressure monitoring cuff, you can receive accurate readings and prevent blood pressure spikes that may occur when you have your blood pressure taken in a doctor’s office.

When choosing a blood pressure device to pair with your Apple Watch, make sure you choose one that’s certified by the FDA. This way, you can be sure the blood pressure monitor provides accurate readings.

It’s also important to make sure the blood pressure monitor is compatible with the Apple Watch and the Apple Health app so you can collect all the data you’re interested in.

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