Amazon Prime is a subscription service that offers free two-day or one-day delivery for most items on Amazon, as well as other perks. The service is available as a $12.99 USD monthly fee without commitments, but if you subscribe for an entire year upfront, you only pay $119 USD.

If you’re wondering how to sign up for Amazon Prime, we put together this quick guide to help you become a member.

How to get Amazon Prime

  1. Go to the Amazon Prime page at and click on “See More Plans”.
  2. Choose your preferred plan. You can opt for the basic monthly plan at $12.99 per month or choose the $119/year plan, which gives you two months for free as it comes out to $9.91/month. If you’re only interested in Prime Video, you can sign up for that service alone at $8.99/month.
Choose your preferred plan

3. If you’re a student, click on the “Are you a student” link to sign up. Some of the perks of registering for Amazon Prime as a student include a free six-month trial subscription and a monthly payment of $6.49/month thereafter, Amazon Music Unlimited for $0.99/month, Showtime for $0.99/month (up to a year) and a two-month trial of Kindle Unlimited.

4. Once you have decided what plan you want, log into your Amazon account or sign up for an account if you don’t already have one.

Amazon account

5. Enter your credit or debit card information when prompted. You can start using the Prime account immediately.

You can share your Amazon Prime account with another adult who will enjoy all the perks of the account. A 30-day free trial is available so you can first try Amazon Prime and see if it’s a suitable option for you.

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How much does an Amazon Prime membership cost in my country?

Amazon Prime was first launched in the U.S. back in 2005 and since then it expanded across the world. It’s currently available in 20 countries and the price of the subscription is not the same in all countries. The membership benefits you receive in each country varies.

Here’s what Amazon Prime costs around the world:


Can I use my Amazon Prime membership worldwide?

No, your Prime membership is only valid in the country that you purchased it from.

What is the price for Amazon Prime Student?

Students receive a free 6 month trial if you decide to continue, the monthly cost on Amazon US is $6.49 a month or $59/year. Students also get the following exclusive offers: Showtime $0.99/month up to a year, Amazon Music Unlimited $0.99/month, Kindle Unlimited 2 month free trial.

What is the price of Amazon Prime if I am on government assistance?

People on government assistance and have an EBT Card including SNAP, WIC & TANF who qualify are eligible to purchase Amazon Prime for $5.99/month (50% discount). Please note that you need to re-apply each year, to see if you qualify please visit Amazon.

What is the refund policy for Amazon Prime?

If you haven’t used your Amazon Prime account after your free trial has run out Amazon will refund your purchase. If you been using the service occasionally Amazon will issue you a partial refund based on your usage. Learn about how to cancel your Prime Subscription.

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