Sleep tracking is a great way to gain insight into your sleeping habits and even though Apple didn’t have a sleep tracking app for the Apple Watch for years, they finally released their own sleep app as part of watchOS7.

While the native Apple Watch app works similarly to third-party sleep apps, some features are still not available, so many users choose to install another app to track their sleeping habits on the Apple Watch.

When choosing a sleep app for the Apple Watch, you should look into multiple factors, including the ease of use, impact on battery life, and the way it monitors your sleep. Some apps can monitor the ambient noise while you sleep, whereas others can even calculate your stress level by taking into account various metrics.

Let’s have a look at the best sleep apps for the Apple Watch.

1. Pillow

Price: Free to download, offers in-app purchases

This is one of the most popular sleep apps for the Apple Watch that offers clear and detailed graphics. Pillow uses a mix of movement, heart rate, and sound to follow your sleeping patterns and it displays the data in easy-to-read charts that also look gorgeous. The app tracks REM, deep and light sleep, time in bed, and the time you actually sleep, which is something many of the sleep apps for the Apple Watch overlook.


  • Automatic sleep tracking
  • Smart alarm clock
  • Sleep cycle analysis


  • Most of the useful graphs are only available in the paid version

Review Summary

Score: 9.9/10

Pillow typically gets great reviews from users, who mention that the app works remarkably well, but there are also some complaints about the price and some bugs when using the app.

Download Pillow

2. Sleep

Price: Free

This is the built-in app that already comes with the Apple Watch and even though it’s more simplistic than some of the third-party apps, it’s a good choice for those who want basic data on their sleep cycles without paying for a premium app. Sleep is a highly accurate app that tracks not just the time you spend in bed, but also how long you’ve been tossing and turning. You can also see the duration of each sleep and your average time in bed.


  • Free to use with all functionalities included
  • Very accurate
  • Easy to track historical data on the iPhone Health app


  • Not as detailed as other third-party apps

Review Summary

Score: 9.6/10

The app gets great reviews from Apple Watch users who only need basic information about their sleep. Some cons other users mention include the fact that the app is a bit basic.

Download Sleep

3. AutoSleep

Price: $3.99

This is an app that tracks your sleep automatically and is very accurate, too. You don’t have to press anything when you go to sleep, and the app also comes with a range of extra features such as smart alarm and charge reminder, latest bedtime, sleep bank, and lots of historical data that makes it easy to track your sleeping patterns.


  • Outstanding design
  • Accurate sleep tracking
  • Doesn’t drain the battery


  • Some users report inconsistencies in tracking

Review Summary

Score: 9.4/10

Users often rave about the design and functionality of the AutoSleep app, with very few negative reviews mentioning some inconsistencies in tracking.

Download AutoSleep

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4. Sleep++

Price: Free to download, offers in-app purchases

This is the perfect sleep app for those who love simplicity. All you get is a start button, stop button and a chart that shows your sleep patterns. This is all many users need, and the app will track your sleep automatically. Even though the app might look simplistic for some, most users love it for this very reason.


  • Automatic and manual mode available
  • Straightforward reports
  • Doesn’t bug users to pay for premium


  • Doesn’t always recognize when you wake up

Review Summary

Score: 9.1/10

Sleep++ gets lots of positive reviews from users who love simple apps that do just what they promise. One of the downsides that’s repeatedly mentioned in reviews is the fact that the app doesn’t always recognize when you wake up.

Download Sleep++

5. NapBot

Price: Free to download, offers in-app purchases

This is a newer sleep app that uses machine learning for sleep tracking. NapBot provides users with loads of data so they can see details about their sleep and observe patterns. The interface is easy to navigate and you can also see information about your heart rate during sleep. NapBot is free to download and use, but you can get access to extra features for just $0.99 per month.


  • Accurate sleep tracking using machine analysis
  • Environmental sound exposure
  • Sleep heart rate


  • Some users report that the sleep tracking is inaccurate

Review Summary

Score: 8.7/10

Reviews for NapBot are mostly positive, with users mentioning that the app is easy to use and the graphics intuitive. However, there are multiple reports of inaccurate tracking and some users also mention glitches.

Download NapBot

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