Sometimes you are writing up a long text string in Microsoft Excel that you know won’t fit into a regular sized cell. So what can you do about it? Simple. There’s a way to wrap text in Excel that’s pretty easy to learn. Here’s how you can successfully wrap text in Excel

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How to wrap text in Excel

1. First, type in your text string in your Excel cell.

2. Then, go to the Home tab in Excel and simply tap on the Wrap Text option in the Alignment section.

3. Presto! You have wrapped all that text inside one cell.

4. You may need to right click on the right side border of the cell to make changes in your column width. You can also do the same thing with column height by right-clicking on the bottom part of the cell.

5. In order to align the text to the top part of the cell, go to the Top Align icon (the one on the top left side) in the Alignment section of your Home tab.

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