Any alternative to Microsoft Word that’s worth its salt has to be able to do it all. That means handling way more than just paragraphs and page breaks. Google Docs checks off all the boxes, but some tasks are less intuitive than others. For example, what if you want to emphasize text like pull quotes in your document? Well, here’s how to insert a text box in Google Docs.

The process isn’t exactly the easiest, but once you figure it out, you’ll be adding pull quotes like a pro. There’s plenty more you can do with the drawing tool as well, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

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How to insert a text box in Google Docs:

1. The first step in adding a text box to your Google Doc is the most challenging. There isn’t a button in the toolbar, so you’ll have to head to the Insert tab and find the Drawing option.

2. Select the New button from the menu, which will open a drawing box and an additional toolbar.

3. On the toolbar, navigate to the Text Box button that resembles the letter T in a box. Click on the button, and your cursor should become a set of crosshairs.

4. Now, simply click and drag to the shape and size you want for your textbox. Once you release the cursor, you’ll see your box with nine handles so you can change the shape and size.

5. If you’re ready to fill in your text box, double-click within the nine handles. You can change the color, font, and size from within the drawing menu.

6. Once you’re happy with your text box, hit Save and Close to insert it into your Google Doc. Now you can play around with the positioning and shape until it’s just right. If you need to edit your text box any more, simply select the box and hit the Edit button.

That’s all there is to it! It may not be the easiest task to knock out in Google Docs, but now you know how to insert a text box. Keep reading if you want to push your skills even further.

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