Spotify is the world’s largest music platform, home to nearly 1 out of every three music streamers on Earth. In fact, there are 750,000 songs being streamed every minute on Spotify.

Naturally, all that listening has some users wondering about their own music streaming habits. Enter a site called “StatsForSpotify”.

It’s a small, simple site that many people stumble upon almost by accident. We’re here to give you the rundown on what this site is, how to use it, and whether or not it’s safe.

Read on to learn all about StatsForSpotify:

What is “StatsForSpotify”?

what is statsforspotify

StatsForSpotify has a pretty accurate name: it’s a website that provides you with statistics and analysis on your Spotify account.

It’s a lot like Spotify Wrapped, but you can access it whenever you want instead of only at the end of the year.

With StatsForSpotify, you can view your top songs, recent listening history (though that’s now a Spotify feature), and more. The data refreshes almost every day, so you can track your listening stats over time.

Is StatsForSpotify Officially Connected with Spotify?

StatsFor Spotify is not affiliated with Spotify in any way; they’re two separate websites and businesses that just so happen to overlap.

They use what’s called an API (Application Programming Interface) to access Spotify data with user consent.

Then, they take the data gathered and present it to the user.

How Does StatsForSpotify Work?

top artists on spotify

StatsForSpotify uses your Spotify listening data to give you some insights into how you use your account and what you listen to the most.

Here are all the different things StatsForSpotify tracks:

  1. Top Songs: The tracks you listen to more than anything else.
  2. Top Artists: The artists and bands that you love (or maybe just the ones you play for your pets)
  3. Top Genres: Think you’re a hip-hop-head? This statistic might prove you like pop music a lot more than you thought you did!
  4. Listening History: What you listened to recently on Spotify. For a long time, Spotify didn’t provide this data, but they added it to the Spotify app in 2021, so this part of the website isn’t that useful anymore.
  5. Last Visit: If you use the site more than once, you will be able to see how your personal rankings have changed since your last visit. Using the site frequently will give you a lot of interesting data about the way you use Spotify.
recently played tracks on statsfromspotify

How to Use Stats with Spotify

All you need to do is log in to your Spotify account, using your username/password, Facebook, or Google:

Then, you’ll be taken straight to your Top Tracks data.

You can also see your top artists and genres by clicking on the items in the top menu.

You can view the data for the last 4 Weeks:

top tracks list on statsfromspotify

The last 6 months:

top tracks 6 months

Or since the very first day your Spotify Account was active:

top tracks of all time

The “All Time” data is probably the most interesting – Spotify’s Wrapped and “On Repeat” features give you roughly the same data as the “4 Weeks” and “6 Months” options, but being able to see your lifetime Spotify top artists is pretty cool.

How to Create a Playlist with StatsForSpotify

Are you really digging on your top tracks or genres list? Good news: StatsForSpotify lets you create playlists using the data they assemble.

Let’s walk through the process of creating a playlist using your StatsforSpotify top tracks:

1. Scroll to the bottom of your “Top Tracks” screen, and click, “Create Playlist”:

create a spotify playlist

2. StatsForSpotify will automatically create the playlist and add it to your library:

view your playlist

That’s right – all it takes is one click to create a playlist of what is, statistically speaking, your favorite music!

Is StatsForSpotify Safe?

The first thing many people think when a small, semi-random website asks for login data is, “Am I about to get scammed?”

That’s a perfectly reasonable question, because data leaks happen everywhere, every day.

But, when it comes to StatsForSpotify, you have nothing to worry about.

StatsForSpotify uses Spotify’s API to gather and analyze your listening data – they aren’t directly logging into your account or using any other data to provide the stats.

The Spotify API is maintained by Spotify, is used by app developers big and small, and is completely safe.

For example, a popular exercise app that has a Spotify integration would use the same exact API that a small website like StatsForSpotify uses.

To make it simple: your data is never at risk when you use StatsForSpotify, because the website is using a Spotify tool, not your actual account.

Do They Store or Keep Any of My Spotify Data?

StatsForSpotify does store some account data, but it is very limited and used only for the purpose of comparing current stats to your last visit.

Basically, the only data the website retains is the stats from your last visit, so that you can see how your top songs, artists, and genres change over time.

Is StatsforSpotify Free?

Yes – StatsForSpotify is completely and totally free. There are no membership fees or one-time payments. All you have to do is sign in to Spotify through the website

Wait: If it’s Free, How Do They Make Money?

Like lots of other websites, StatsForSpotify makes money through ads displayed on their site. Understanding how they make their money is important for figuring out whether or not they’re safe.

Because StatsForSpotify only makes money when people use (and enjoy using) their website, it’s in their best interest not to do anything that would jeopardize it.

Let’s put it a different way: if you’re wondering whether or not StatsForSpotify is trustworthy, you can lean on the knowledge that they can’t make money unless they are, in fact, trustworthy.

How to Remove StatsForSpotify From Your Spotify Account

If you’re not interested in letting StatsForSpotify remain connected to your account, you can remove it following these simple steps:

1. Click “Account” in the top right corner of StatsForSpotify, then “Manage Account”:

delete statsfromspotify

2. Click “Data Personalization”, then “Delete account”:

remove statsfromspotify from your account

StatsForSpotify will be automatically removed from your Spotify account, and all associated data will be deleted.

Since the site only uses historical data from Spotify, you can see it all again if you re-connect your account; they only delete the small bits of data stored on StatsForSpotify’s servers.

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