Whenever I want to watch some video that I’ve heard of I always check Youtube first and it’s there 9/10 times, if not more. Since I have it on my phone i can share funny and often silly videos with anyone who crosses my path.


Vimeo is one of the most popular YouTube alternative, focusing on high video quality, videos can be watched and streamed in full HD.

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With similar functions that can be found in YouTube or Vimeo, the main strength of Dailymotion that it can be used in fully offline mode. Additionally, you can find videos here that were banned from YouTube. The drawback of Dailymotion is the one minute length unskippable ad before videos.

VLC for Android

VLC is one of the most popular video player for PC since it is free and supports all kinds of video formats. VLC for Android can be used for playing videos downloaded to your mobile or it is also compatible with most of streaming protocols.

Adobe Flash Player

This app is still in the process of becoming great – and it can be only manually installed since it is no longer available on Google Play – but I’ve successfully watched a fair amount of videos, chiefly ones using Megavideo as a host, one that I use the most on my computer but I have problems almost every time I access it.

Dolphin Video

For those who don’t want to manually install apps but still looking to watch flash videos, Dolphin Video is the right solution. Besides Flash, it supports most of the popular video formats and protocols.

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