Hitman Sniper

Agent 47 is a true video game icon who’s been taking out his targets in a variety of efficiently cruel ways for almost two decades. In Hitman Sniper, everyone’s favorite bald assassin takes his sharpshooting skills to your Android phone in a captivating sniper adventure that takes you to scenic Montenegro where more than 150 dangerous missions and 10 different contracts await. Oh, and there’s a survivor challenge mode set in the tellingly named Death Valley, a post-apocalyptic location bursting with brain-hungry zombies.

Sniper Fury: Best Shooting Game

In Sniper Fury, a 3D first-person shooter packed with adrenaline-boosting battles set in several locations from bustling cities to sprawling jungles, you play as a special ops military agent, who has but one mission: eliminate the forces of evil. Speaking of forces of evil, enemies in Sniper Fury come at you in many shapes, sizes, and vehicles during the course of 130 plus missions, so be prepared to take on brutal armored vehicles and even air units. Sniper Fury is undoubtedly strong in the visual department, as the game highlights your most spectacular headshots with the ever-popular bullet time slow-mo, and features rich atmospheric effects including sandstorms, blizzards, and rainstorms. Regarding weaponry, you can choose from an immense selection of sniper rifles, assault rifles, futuristic railguns, and top-secret superweapons. Each gun is customizable and upgradable, so make sure you gather components on the battlefield to increase your firepower and accuracy, and thus skyrocket your headshot count. To top it off, Sniper Fury brings you an intense player-versus-player multiplayer challenge centered at looting the resources of your opponents, then keeping the stolen goods safe by building a strong squad.

Sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooter

Sniper 3D Assassin Gun Shooter is, without an iota of doubt, the most downloaded and highest-rated Android sniper game of all time – even though, at least after a while, advancing in the game requires you to make in-app purchases. This usually is a feature unwelcome by the majority of gamers, but that does not seem to be the case with Sniper 3D Assassin, which is a testament to how good of a game we’re dealing with. According to the not overly complicated story, you join the global war fought against the evildoers of the world, slowly but surely becoming the greatest sniper of all time as you headshot your way to victory and world peace. Sniper 3D Assassin won over the hearts of millions of dead-eye shooters with its jaw-dropping 3D graphics, its varied assortment of missions (saving hostages, supporting the resistance to overthrow a dictatorship, eliminating rogue agents and spies), its vast arsenal of upgradable weapons, and the variety of bad guys who’ll be at your mercy.

Contract Killer: Sniper

Step into the military boots of an elite assassin to put an end to the world-dominating plans of a secret military organization and to wipe out their cyborgs and mechanized combat units from the cities they’ve invaded all around the globe! Complete more than 250 missions and campaigns by employing different battle tactics – and by any means necessary, because, after all, only one thing matters to an assassin: to honor his or her contract. Speaking of honoring contracts, you can choose from several different contracts, including sending entire squads of hostiles to another plane of existence (also known as killing them), destroying bases, and eliminating high-profile single targets. Assisting you on your assassinating endeavors is a stash of upgradable weapons that includes sniper and assault rifles, tesla guns, heavy guns, and even rocket launchers. When you’re looking for an entirely different game experience, engage in action-packed PvP shoot-‘em-ups in which you have to assault the bases of other players and steal their resources to become the greatest contract killer of them all. Check it out.

Last Hope – Zombie Sniper 3D

Set in a grim and unforgiving parallel universe completely ravaged by the zombie apocalypse, Last Hope – Zombie Sniper 3D takes you to the desert where the barren landscape is bursting with intestines-thirsty undead. As you traverse through the villages and infected canyons of the desolate wasteland in the heat of the day and in the dead of the night, you have to survive zombie onslaughts in a variety of game modes and all the while try to find the cause that led to humanity’s eventual downfall. In order to make it out alive, you must fine-tune your skills, upgrade your weapons, collect and combine different items, and experiment with the mysterious artifacts you stumble upon during your gut-wrenching journey. Last Hope’s charm lies in its wonderfully devastated locations, brain-splattering headshots, challenging game modes, and the dozens of zombie types out to crack your skull open to get ahold of a serving of brain pudding.

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Call of Mini: Sniper

Zombies, zombies, and more zombies! The sniper-centric installment of the Call of Mini-series drops you right into the plot of an 80s horror B-movie – and also into the middle of an all-out war fought against the living dead. You play as Rod, the sheriff of a serene mountain town called Muerta Vista. Unfortunately for you – and for all of mini-kind – an evil corporation has chosen the mountains as the testing grounds for its latest bioweapon, setting off the zombie apocalypse in the process. Based on all that, it’s not hard to guess what Rod must do: stop the zombie apocalypse from spreading all over the world, and protect the survivors. Call of Mini: Sniper comes equipped with cute graphics, 21 weapons, 6 zombie types, gigantic explosions, nonstop survival action, and has the makings of a dangerously addictive game perfect for killing time (and zombies).

Clear Vision 3 – Sniper Shooter

In the third part of the legendary Clear Vision-saga, Tyler, the supermarket-cleaner-turned-super-assassin stick figure is living the good life as a merciless contract killer by day and a loving family man by night. But someone is threatening to ruin Tyler’s paradise on Earth, as a mysterious enemy is on his trail, and he won’t stop until he kills our sharpshooting antihero. Based on a captivating storyline, Clear Vision 3 brings you 55 missions set in a bloody funny game world featuring customizable weapons, plenty of sharpshooting action with wind and distance calculation, boatloads of blood and gore, and animated cut scenes.

Sniper X with Jason Statham

So testosterone, such manly! Featuring the modern day and more ripped Bruce Willis (sorry Bruce, you’re old), Jason Statham, Sniper X is an intense first-person sharpshooting adventure in which you play as Soldier X, an elite killing machine belonging to Statham’s paramilitary team known as SPEAR. As you travel the world, taking out terrorists and mastering the art of the kill, your kills and conquests are narrated by Jason Statham, making you feel like as if you were starring in your own action movie. It’s a shame you don’t get paid as much as Statham does per movie, but whatever. Boosting the visual experience that Sniper X provides are a feature called Focus with which you can zoom in and slow down time and a dramatic kill-cam that confirms your kills in a most spectacular way. Sniper X trots out hundreds of missions, upgradable weapons, a wide array of enemies from soldiers to drones, and a Perfect Shot-system that generously rewards headshots with cash and other goodies. (Not real cash, you’re still not getting paid as much as Statham.)

Kill Shot

Kill Shot is a killer first-person sniper game in which, the least bit surprisingly, you play as an elite special ops soldier – we’d really appreciate more unconventional protagonists such as, say, a jovial King Cavalier Charles Spaniel – whose mission is to sneak behind enemy lines to locate and take out high-profile targets. Helping you complete your deadly assignments are more than 100 upgradable weapons categorized into 4 weapon classes (sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, and saw gun). At first glance, you might think that cramming so many weapons into a game is unnecessary, but in light of the fact that Kill Shot’s campaign is made up of more than 800 missions set in 50 unique locations, we’re pretty sure that you’ll need all the firepower you can get your hands on to beat the game. Also making your sharpshooting job easier is a trio of special skills: “Spotter” that aids you in spotting hostiles, “Slow-Mo” that slows down time and allows you to thoroughly prepare for the ultimate head shot, and “Armor-Piercing Bullets” that gives you ferocious ammo that tears through the thickest armor as if it were a jovial King Cavalier Charles Spaniel melted butter.

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