Food Street is a complex, fast-paced restaurant management game set in a bustling 3D city bursting with a cavalcade of colorful characters. The goal is to meet the expectations of these characters (also known as potential customers) by designing, decorating, and managing your eatery the right way. In Food Street – Restaurant game, there is no time limit, meaning you can cook your delicacies and serve your customers at your own pace without having to stress about a pestering ticking clock. A realistic and much welcome feature in Food Street is that you have to farm your own ingredients, and as your business begins to bloom, you have to start searching for more land in order to up your farming game and thus grow more produce for your restaurant. Speaking of farming, Food Street has a pet-friendly side to it, since you can raise your own pets as a means to attract new customers, and you can also build a house (more like a shelter) and adopt a variety of better-deserving animals. Since proper form is equally as important as flawless content, there’s an abundance of decorating options at your disposal, allowing you to give a personal touch to your restaurant, and even decorate it for several special occasions. Food Street also packs online gaming options, as you can put your restaurant management expertise and cooking skills to the test in cooking games and competitions, or you can go the co-op way and trade recipes or cook together with other restaurant managers in online Food Clubs.

Restaurant Paradise: Sim Game follows in the footsteps of Sim City, placing the addictive essence of the city-building and city-managing classic into the context of a restaurant management game. What that means is that you have to create a foodie paradise on a sunny tropical island, filling it up with a dazzling selection of eateries serving international cuisines from all over the globe. Invest in ingredients to up the quality of the meals you serve, spruce up your restaurants to attract new customers, run food fairs and trigger fever sales to earn big bucks, and complete a full menu of tasks to bring home valuable rewards and unlock new foodies and charm-boosting items. You can also go online to visit other restaurant islands, play with friends, contribute to their businesses with generous tips, and check out the Coin and Charm leaderboards to see who the top restaurant dog is at the moment.

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories is a hard-to-put-down restaurant management game featuring tasty storylines, delicious coffees, and finger-licking good baked goods. My Cafe’s story is set in a serene small town where you have to build a bakery, diner, or restaurant from the ground up with your friend, Ann. In this specific case, from the ground up means that you are tasked with hiring staff, designing and decorating the venue, buying matching furniture, and last not least setting prices on the whole menu. As it always is in restaurant games, you also have to discover a plethora of new recipes (this time around for coffees, hot drinks, baked goods, and restaurant meals), but let’s take a look at features that cannot be, under any circumstances, described as dime-a-dozen. First and foremost, seasoning the yummy gameplay experience of My Cafe with a dash of reality is that you have to develop your own business strategy, choosing between playing it safe to facilitate slow and steady growth and taking make-or-break risks like a fearless gambler. The second noteworthy unique feature of My Cafe: Recipes & Stories is that you can build meaningful relationships with your regulars, learning their stories and engaging in some good old-fashioned gossiping (it’s a small town, after all). How you respond to what you hear through the grapevine and how you cultivate the relationships you build influence the direction of your own My Cafe story, significantly extending the expiration date of this juicy Android restaurant game.

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Everybody loves burgers. Yup, even vegans – hence the ever-growing selection of vegan-friendly burgers that even the most dedicated carnivores scavenge every once in a while just to see what this whole craze is all about. In Burger, though, a tellingly titled, tasty Android restaurant game, you’ll definitely not be exposed to the curiosities of the vegan lifestyle. According to the story, you are hired by a fast food joint as a burger specialist, and your job is to serve your customers as fast as possible, selecting the ingredients in the right order to create handsome and delicious bun-plus-patty combos. Burger comes equipped with two game modes, a Career Mode and a Time Attack Mode. In the former, you’ll have to conquer increasingly difficult burger challenges to earn cash, get more ingredients, and unlock achievements. In the latter, the goal remains the same, though you’ll have to attend to your burger-assembling duties within a limited time frame. Burger has over 300 levels and 40 achievements, dozens of ingredients, hearty side dishes, and plenty of desserts. A piece of priceless advice: before playing with Burger, make sure you have a burger within arm’s reach (or a burger joint around the corner).

In World Chef, international cuisines and fine dining reign supreme – but first you have to get there, as you start out with nothing more than a humble little restaurant. In light of these gourmet crumbs of information, it’s not hard to guess that the goal in World Chef is to turn said humble little restaurant into a glamorous haven of fine dining. To become a Michelin star-worthy staple in the restaurant industry, you have to add international maestros to your chef lineup – which will consequently expand your menu -, decorate your restaurant in great taste by crafting exclusive items at the Design Studio, buy and trade premium ingredients to boost the quality of the dishes you serve, and increase your popularity by catering to the needs of VIP guests.

With its fast-paced, multifarious gameplay, Cafeland – World Kitchen has managed to build a substantial and loyal fan base, though, truth be told, it’s not that different from the majority of Android restaurant games. Similarly to World Chef, the goal in Cafeland is to launch an obscure snack bar to fame, turning it into a world-renowned eatery serving various masterpieces of international cuisines. Once some of the most sought-after celebrities on the planet begin to frequent your restaurant, you’ll know you’ve arrived. In Cafeland, you can customize the interior of the place you run, as hundreds of decorations and the option to build unique, income-boosting design spectacles are right at your fingertips. You can even select the type of place you want to run. Whether you opt for a deli, a bistro, a seafood spot, or a fancy restaurant, you should aim for the stars and strive to be the best in the business by listening to customer feedback, inviting celebrities to earn mystery gifts, increasing your restaurant’s capacity, and last not least attending to everyday matters such as filling vending machines and keeping the place perfectly clean. Speaking of business, to take your success to the max, you’ll have to conquer the catering business, racing against time to prepare orders, fill catering boxes with different delicacies, and deliver one-of-a-kind meals for special customers.

For an Android restaurant game, Burger Shop Free packs a rather unusual story, according to which you receive some peculiar blueprints in the mail (it’s peculiar enough that you receive it in the mail and not via email) – the blueprints of an odd-looking food-making contraption called the BurgerTron. After taking a leap of faith, you build this machine and open a restaurant, and the Burger Shop fun begins. Burger Shop provides a tasty way to kill some time in the form of (paradox alert!) a time management game featuring endless play and four distinctively different game modes: a Story Mode for those looking to build a burger empire while also discovering the secrets behind the BurgerTron, a Challenge Mode with dizzyingly fast, one-minute rounds, a Relax Mode because dude, you need to chill out, and an Expert Story Mode for the real burger pros. 80 levels each for the Story Mode and the Expert Story Mode, more than 60 food items, 8 different restaurants, and 96 trophies to earn ensure that you’ll fiddle around with the BurgerTron for quite some time – and will enjoy every second of it.

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