Even today there are tons of places where you can’t get Internet. Even if you live in a big city with great network coverage, there are bound to be spots where connectivity is spotty. This is exactly where you need the best Android games that don’t need WiFi to play offline. Speaking of work, those who work in a basement know how painful it is to get no Internet and no online games.

So, keeping one or 5 great Android games that don’t need WiFi on your smartphone all the time is a great investment. For one, you’ll be able to enjoy quality time whenever you want but also won’t have to worry about connecting to the Internet and data charges. These games are especially recommended when you are traveling, particularly by air because there is not a lot of entertainment in the sky.

Writer’s Note: the best Android games that don’t need WiFi will run off-line and offer most of their features. However, some features may require an internet connection, but those social media and score-sharing features are unnecessary for gameplay. The best Android games that don’t need WiFi are not in any particular order simply because they are all very different from each other.

Jetpack Joyride

Halfbrick StudiosArcadeFreeIf you’re looking to kill some quality time while running around in an underground laboratory, then Jetpack Joyride is one of the best offline games around. It is a 2-D side scrolling endless runner that offers a great level of control and exciting gameplay. Your main goal is to survive the level as long as you can, all the while collecting coins, using power ups and killing evil scientists. Of course in true arcade gaming fashion, there will be obstacles along the way. Thankfully, the game balances them with cool power ups and the unique control scheme that’s easy to use. It’s one of those games that you find easy to begin but hard to master, especially timing your jumps right is crucial and lasting long in this game.


jetpack joyride no internet games

Hungry Shark Evolution

UbisoftArcadeFreeEver wondered how it would feel to be a gigantic shark? I know you did. Hungry Shark Evolution allows you to live the fantasy of being a terrifying shark and dominating not only see creatures but also humans. It is a great concept that makes for compelling gameplay and extreme replay value. The basic premise of Hungry Shark Evolution is to eat or be eaten. As a shark you’ll be able to gobble down smaller fish but you’ll also have to avoid bigger predators that can easily make short work of you. There are also collectibles to collect, scores to beat and challenges to complete while playing this beautifully rendered 3-D game. Of course you’ll also be able to eat humans and live out your Jaws fantasies.


hungry shark fun game for android


FrogmindAdventureFreeBadland is one of the best Android games that doesn’t need Wifi simply because it offers compelling gameplay without the need of connectivity. It is also one of the best-looking 2-D games on our beloved platform and it looks remarkable on any screen. The game is a side-scrolling adventure one with a generous sprinkle of on-the-fly puzzles as well as some unique gameplay elements that will keep you engaged throughout the game. The one-tap controls of the game offer a great level of control despite being so simplistic. There are multiple levels for you to play through and generally speaking, all of them are well designed and offer something new. However, once you end the levels, there is little incentive to revisit them.


badland game for android no internet

3D Pool Ball

CanadaDroidSportsFreeIf you’re a fan of Pool then you will absolutely enjoy playing this game. Even if you’re not a huge fan, it is still an addictive game with solid mechanics that will keep you hooked. By pooling I mean the balls and stick/cue game, not the pool you go to in the summer, although that would be nice as well. The game offers amazing looking visuals and fairly realistic animations. There is a robust off-line mode that allows you to compete against a very formidable AI opponent. To be honest, I had a little bit of a hard time beating that AI. Of course in true Pool fashion, you’ll also be able to go online and challenge other players but we’re not going to discuss that in the best offline games for Android list.


3D pool ball app for android


Making FunRole Play FreeMost of the offline games for Android that don’t require Wifi are not deep role playing games that require a serious time commitment. Thankfully, we have Eternium, an epic role playing game with different classes and skills to keep you occupied for hours on end. Sure, it is not going to be like console games, but it does come close when it comes to quality gameplay. There are several classes for you to choose from and they all play very differently. You also get new skills for the classes as you progress through the game by defeating enemies. The 3-D world of this game is very well-designed and enemy AI is also good for an RPG. Eternium is one of the best RPG games for Android right now simply because of its core arcade gameplay with a great loot system.


eternium android game no wifi

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Smash Hit

MediocreArcadeFreeSmash Hit is a uniquely beautiful game about smashing glass with steel balls. That’s it, it’s a game about throwing hard balls at fragile glass and scoring big time. Although it gets a little bit harder to hit the glass when you’re moving at breakneck speeds. The 3-D levels of Smash Hit make you move forward while displaying targets for you to hit. Keep on hitting the targets and you will score big during the course of a round. It is essentially an endless runner without the running but instead it offers something even better, smashing physics based objects. I can go on and on about how beautiful the game looks but honestly, you need to check this one out yourself to fully appreciate its fluidity.


Into the Dead

PIKPOKActionFreeSo what if you don’t want to hit glass with steel balls, but instead, you want to hit zombies in the head with bullets? Then Into the Dead has what you need. Even though there is a sequel to this game but I won’t recommend it because it uses a lot of online features and just isn’t that fun off-line. The goal of the game is to run through a sea of zombies while collecting weapons and using them to defend yourself. The longer you survive, the higher the score and the more you’ll have to spend on new weapons and perks. It’s a highly rewarding gameplay loop that will keep you engaged for a very long time without the need to connect to the Internet. It also helps that the game has stunningly beautiful graphics that suit the mood well. Overall it’s one of the best Android games that don’t need WiFi.


into the dead zombie android game

Asphalt 8: Airborne

GameloftRacingFreeWhile there are some features that do require Internet connection in Asphalt 8: Airborne, it is still an enjoyable experience off-line. You’ll be able to compete in races against competent AI opponents and have a blast spitting through beautifully designed racetracks. The game takes you across the globe and allows you to drive exotic cars, all the while pulling off insane stunts. There is not a lot that you can dislike about this game, the arcade racer is one of the best ones on the platform and has the ability to truly grasp your attention throughout the race. It is not a realistic game by far and that’s the beauty of the Asphalt series.


asphalt 8 wifi-free game for ios and android

Plague Inc

MiniclipSimulation FreeDid you ever wonder what would happen if an epidemic broke out across the globe? What will survive and what will truly go down? Plague Inc. is the answer to all those questions. Your main goal is to simply wipe out humanity from the face of earth and completely eradicate mankind with a specially designed plague. It is a very compelling gameplay mechanic that has a lot of room for creativity and improvisation. Seeing your handiwork infect every human being across the planet is a very rewarding experience, although a little evil to say the least. The game offers a great mix between simulation and strategy and has been praised by all the critics but also gamers. It’s one of the most interesting and engaging “no internet” games out there!


plague inc game for android no wifi

Alto’s Adventure

Noodlecake StudioArcadeFreeAlto’s Adventure takes you on a relaxing skiing journey across beautiful backdrops and allows you to pull off amazing stunts. It is one of the most beautiful looking games on Android that plays and runs exceptionally well on Android hardware. The visuals are incredible and will keep you engaged for a very long time. The controls are simple and intuitive, so you’ll have no trouble landing tricks across slopes and mountains. The physics based gameplay is rewarding and requires a healthy level of skill to fully grasp. The procedurally generated levels are really a sight to behold, especially when combined with dynamic lighting and amazing weather effects. Overall, it is one amazing Android game that doesn’t require WiFi to play.


alto's adventure no internet game for android

FAQ: No Internet Games for Android

What’s the purpose of games without wifi?

If you’ve used up your data for the month and can’t connect to wifi, “no internet” games can keep you entertained and engaged. They’re also better for your battery, because they require less power to run without an internet connection.

Do you still get ads when you play games with no internet?

No – if you aren’t connected to internet, games you’re playing can’t load ads. Playing games without wifi is one of the best ways to enjoy a free gaming experience without disruptive and annoying ads.

Are there any multiplayer games that don’t need internet?

This one may surprise you, but there are actually many “no internet” games that you can play with other people.

Dual! is one such game that you can play with friends using Bluetooth connections instead of wifi. Who said you need internet connection or wifi for multiplayer gaming?

Closing Notes: Wifi-Less Gaming

There are several other games that don’t require WiFi to work and the list could potentially go on forever simply because of how many there are. I selected some of the best ones around that will provide quality entertainment for a long period of time and have features that don’t require Internet connectivity.

So, what are your personal favorite games that don’t require Internet? Most of the puzzle games I play don’t require WiFi and they are almost always very addictive for some reason. Do tell us your choices in the comments, we always love to try out new games.

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