Aquarium Note

Aquarium Note is a multifaceted aquarium logger capable of keeping track of a wide range of data essential for aquarists striving to properly care after the flora and fauna of their fish tank. With Aquarium Note, you can log 24 different water parameters and track changes on graphs, calculate all aquarium-related expenses, record livestock information on filtered lists, set up reminders, and write to-do lists so that you’ll never neglect any aquarium maintenance duties.

Aquarium Manager

Aquarium Manager is a wholly free-of-charge app tailor-made for hobby aquarists and for temporary aquarium keepers tasked with taking after the fish of a friend or a family member. Aquarium Manager comes equipped with priceless tips on feeding and feeding schedule guidelines, water value logging and optimal measures, maintenance guidelines and reminders, an aquarium diary, and of course a photo library.

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AqDiary, as its name so conspicuously suggests, is an aquarium-centric diary app with which you can track your periodic fish tank maintenance duties such as water change, water value measurement, fertilizing, feeding, or the ever-important weekly filter cleanup. To ensure that you’ll attend to the aforementioned tasks on a regular basis, you can set any number of reminders, and, to top it all off, you can add notes to the maintenance duties you’ve tracked or even the reminders you’ve set.

Aquarium Organisms

If you’re an aquarist newbie with little to no information on the fish and plants you’ve just bought (and the information you’ve received at the pet store escaped your memory as if you were a goldfish), we’re hundred percent sure that you’ll find Aquarium Organisms immensely useful. Aquarium Organisms packs detailed care sheets for over 900 fish, plants, and invertebrates, providing and easy and at-your-fingertips way for getting acquainted with the most common fish tank inhabitants, and learning the ways of providing them an ideal living environment. Besides care sheets, the enormous database of Aquarium Organisms also contains biological data and pictures for each species, and allows unlimited bookmarking so that you can access the care sheets of the fish and plants you own with a single tap.

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