There is something honest about being anonymous and the best anonymous texting apps for Android aim to capture the feeling and bring it to the forefront. There are many reasons why one would want to be anonymous in this day and age and these apps absolutely know the value of privacy. Whether you just want to socialize among other anonymous Internet citizens or have a conversation without revealing your identity, the best anonymous chatting apps for Android will aid you well.

Surprisingly, there was a serious lack of generally great anonymous texting apps for Android on Google Play Store. Many of them were not as anonymous as they would suggest while others were of extremely poor quality when it came to connectivity and social interactions. Thankfully, I was able to find a couple of great ones that will surely make it a lot easier for you to remain anonymous while chatting. Although, I would’ve liked a bigger pool to select from, the best anonymous texting apps for Android should suffice for the time being.

Writer’s Note: The best anonymous texting apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. The apps worked perfectly fine and no problems were faced during testing. However, in a few apps it took a while to connect to another anonymous chatter partly due to the time differences and partially because not a lot of people are keen on using anonymous texting apps for Android. All of the apps will require an active Internet connection for online interactions.


Whisper is not just an anonymous texting app for Android but also a social platform that allows you to express yourself without any restrictions. It’s an online community where people come to share their true thoughts, even ask for advice and generally be social with each other without having to give out any personal information. You can easily chat with other Whisper users and it is indeed a great way to meet new people. There are several groups available in the app for you to join and start chatting with like-minded people. There is also an option of finding people who are nearby, so you get more local folks to mingle with. The chatting interface is fairly standard and allows you to chat anonymously, attach pictures and even send GIFs to other people. Overall it’s a great app to chat anonymously on Android.

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TruthFul is a well-designed anonymous texting app for Android that allows you to send and receive messages anonymously. You can easily get messages from people you already know, allowing them to express themselves freely and give you unhindered advice. You can also return the favor by anonymously messaging your friends and family without disclosing your identity. This allows the people talking to you, to be completely honest with you and give their truthful opinions. It is not a traditional texting app for sure but the idea is unique and exciting. If used rightly, this app has a lot of potential.

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These were a few anonymous texting apps for Android that actually keep your identity hidden and doesn’t give it away without your consent. Although, the collection is a little lackluster, they are some of the best ones in the business and do provide a great experience. I’m sure new anonymous texting and chatting apps will pop up as time goes by and we will be updating this list accordingly. Until then, I hope these apps will serve you well and you’ll enjoy making new friends anonymously.

Just like always, if you have any recommendations, suggestions or even opinions about this list, please free to talk to us in the comments below. We always love to hear from you.

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