Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is the app version of the well-known trivia table games – and we have to say, it is a very well done one. Spin the wheel and choose the answer between four options in the usual trivia topics of art, geography, science, history, sports and entertainment. The users can sign up via Facebook profiles and they can play against friends or also strangers from all over the world – which means of course that it is online based. It provides a social experience while gaining knowledge. The aim is to collect all characters belonging to each of the topics, so to tick all topics. You keep answering questions until the first wrong answer – then it’s your partner’s turn who has two days to do the same. The popularity of Trivia Crack is no coincidence. The questions are well selected and challenging – and even if some are not, the players can evaluate the questions to eliminate boring ones. Moreover, the questions are already available in 20 different languages. The graphics is adorable, every topic has a personalized character and all are sweet and lovable. The only problem with the free version is the dozens of advertisements.


QuizUp is also a social quiz game but it is different from ordinary trivia games. First, it is highly customizable as the topic is chosen by the player. And there are hundreds of topics…starting from general logic through logos or questions regarding different TV series to basic language learning anything you can just imagine. Which means you can turn your daily Spanish practice into a challenging game that you will actually enjoy. Unlike Trivia Crack, QuizUp is a real-time game so the players has to answer at the same time within a 10 seconds time limit. The points also depend on how quick a question was answered. It’s for quick challenges, not for long battles lasting for days.


Quizoid is the fitting choice of those looking for the simplest, old school, single player quiz game. Even the design is as minimalist as it can be. But there is no problem with that: it contains more than 6000 questions and it is constantly getting developed. The difficulty of the questions are increasing as the player goes further and further and they cover 17 different topics. The app even provides the kind of helps known from those old quiz shows from TV: 50/50, 2-shots or changing question. Quizoid can be played also offline thus it is perfect to pass the time while travelling. Simple but great!


94% comes with a bit different concept from usual quiz games. Before you get afraid of seeing percentages again like on school evaluations, don’t be. This race for the excellent result will be fun. The goal is to find at least 94% of the right answers to a certain scenario. For example: things you find in a pencil case. The user starts listing the things come to his mind and the game gives different percentages for each listed item. A very simple yet entertaining game that can be played regardless age – bigger children and adults enjoy as well. What is also good about 94% is that it already has many levels and seemingly more and more are developed – so you never run out of fun. It doesn’t even require an internet connection as it is a single player game. The only drawback is having to type in the answers thus those whose mother tongue is not English might have small difficulties as words with wrong spelling are not recognized by the app.

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Logo Quiz

Yes, we bet you know it well. We also know that after the huge success of the first one, hundreds of logo games were launched flooding app stores and many of them were either boring or impossible to solve. This one is not. Logo Quiz comes with a surprisingly huge database of logos – for totally free! – starting from very well-known brands to more specific ones. To avoid spelling problems, instead of typing in, there is a set of letters given to put in the boxes prepared for them. Although it provides many levels, still fanatics will run out of them relatively quickly.

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