Hidden object games are actually a form of puzzle game. The idea is that you’re tasked with finding specific items in a game either to complete the game or unlock other parts of the game. They can be a lot of fun if they’re done right and provide for hours upon hours of enjoyment. Here are the best hidden object games for iPad! If you’re rocking an Android device, our sister site has a list of the best puzzle games for Android, some of which are also hidden object games!

Big Fish Games collection

[Price: Varies]

Big Fish Games is a well-known video game publisher that seems to be one of the cornerstones of hidden object games. Especially on the iPad. There is a large list of games and most of them have decent ratings, including Otherworld: Shades of the Fall, Dark Parables, Dark Strokes, and Red Riding Hood: Cruel Games, among many others. The games vary in price although most of them are free with in-app purchases or are cheaper, pay-once games. You can find the full list by clicking the button below but you’ll have to search iTunes on your own for them.

Visit Big Fish Games

Dreamland HD

dreamland HD game for ipad hidden objects games

[Price: Free / $6.99]

Dreamland HD is a spooky hidden object game that takes place in a broken down amusement park. Your task is to avoid various traps and find clues to help you find out about an evil dwarf who steals people’s souls. On top of having an actual story line, the game features a truly spooky atmosphere that’s sure to delight fans of the horror genre. There is even voice-over dialogue. It’s a pretty solid game and you can try out a demo for free before you buy it.

Download Dreamland HD

Escape the Titanic

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

This hidden object game relives the storied history of the Titanic and its final plunge into the depths of the ocean. The hidden objects game tries to put you in the mood by giving you no instructions, much like the passengers of the original Titanic. Your job is to use objects and clues you find to escape the doomed ship. There are also other obstacles you must overcome. The free version comes with a demo with hints, the full game, and more being offered as in-app purchases.

Download Titanic

G5 Entertainment collection

[Price: Varies]

G5 Entertainment is a lot like Big Fish games in that they seem to release a ton of hidden object games. Some of the better hidden object games in their collection include The Secret Society, Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows, and The Mystery of the Crystal Portal. Each one differs a little bit with unique features, stories, and concepts. The prices are generally free with in-app purchases, but a few are pay-once hidden object games. The button below will take you to G5’s developer page on iTunes so you can see their entire library

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Hidden Artifacts

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Hidden Artifacts is a mix between a hidden objects game and a puzzle game. It has an entertaining mixture of mini-game puzzles and hidden objects to help keep things fresh. As the name implies, your job in this awesome example of free hidden object games is to explore various places and uncover ancient artifacts that have been hidden away. It has decent graphics, a built-in time limit to increase difficulty, and more. The in-app purchases are a little bit “pay to win”, but many players haven’t seemed to have a huge problem with that.

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[Price: $4.99]

Machinarium was one of the early masterpieces when it came to hidden object puzzle games on mobile. In this dark, dystopian puzzler, you play as a robot who is trying to save his love only to be thwarted at every turn by bad guys. You use items you find and clues to get passed all the bad guys and save the day. Think of it like Wall-E if Wall-E was in the robotic equivalent of a run down ghetto. It’s cute and extremely well done even if it’s a bit short.

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The Room 2

[Price: $0.99 and $2.99 respectively]

The Room series of games are considered to be among the best of the best hidden objects puzzle games ever made for mobile devices. The graphics are phenomenal and the puzzles are intricate and fun to crack. You’re tasked with investigating some arcane things and each puzzle seems to only be a puzzle within a puzzle. You’ll have to hunt for items to help you unlock them. These games are masterpieces and we can’t wait for more to come out.

Download The Room 2

Time Gap

time gap hidden object games

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Time Gap is an example of one of the few free hidden object games with a unique premise. The entirety of mankind has disappeared and you are tasked with finding out why. You’ll use clues and hints to find out just what happened and uncover the mystery. The game is also littered with historical references from various time periods which we found to be enjoyable callbacks to days gone by. The only issue really are the exorbitant in-app purchases. You can beat the game without them, but it is fairly challenging.

Download Time Gap

The Tiny Bang Story

[Price: $2.99]

The Tiny Bang Story is a cutesy game with a fun little story. You play on Tiny Planet which was hit by a meteor and it’s your job to restore Tiny Planet to its former glory. It features wonderfully done and colorful graphics and it’s a unique spin on the hidden objects genre. Think of it like a less dark version of Machinarium. It’s also one of the few hidden object games on the list that doesn’t have in-app purchases so you only have to pay for it once. It’s a great game.

Download the Tiny Bang Story

World of Hidden Objects

world of hidden objects games for ipad

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Last and certainly not least is World of Hidden Objects. Despite its unimaginative name, this game is among the most popular and highly rated hidden object games available on iOS. It adheres to a more standard experience than most games on this list but that’s actually quite alright. There are over 300 levels to play through with plenty of stuff for you to find. Unfortunately, there are no storylines so this is purely for killing time, but if you need a simple little game, this will do it.

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