When you’re working with rows and rows of data in Microsoft Excel, it can be hard to keep your data right where you need it. You can waste time scrolling up and down looking for each number. Freezing rows is the solution — pinning the rows you need right to the top of your screen so that you can always see them. Here are some tips on how to freeze a row in Excel.

How to freeze a row in Excel:

1. Select the row right below the data that you want to freeze. In our case, I want to freeze rows one through three, so I’ve selected row four.

2. Go to the View tab and find the Window section.

3. Now select the Freeze Panes option and choose Freeze Panes. You’ll also notice that you can choose to freeze just the first row or the first column too. Note that freezing rows means that you will freeze every row above where you select.

4. If you want to unfreeze the panes, you can go right back into the Freeze Panes tab and select the Unfreeze option.

What else can you do with rows?

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