Google Docs is great for almost everything you need from a word processor. However, it’s not without the occasional formatting problems that can throw a wrench in your otherwise stellar essay. One such problem is the random blank pages that appear on occasion after you finish writing. Here’s how to delete a page in Google Docs and clean up your document.

Of course, the accidental blank page is only one time where you’ll find yourself scrapping a page. Maybe you’re unhappy with that last paragraph, and you want to get rid of it without sacrificing the rest of your work. We’ll cover a few different ways to get the job done.

How to delete a page in Google Docs:

Method 1: Highlight and delete

The fastest — and easiest — method to delete a page is by highlighting your text and hitting backspace. It’s an easy way to get the job done, but you’ll have to be careful to only highlight the relevant text. You can also use this method if you have a few blank lines from hitting Enter a few extra times.

Method 2: Adjust the margins

The only in-depth method on the list, adjusting the margins is a good way to get rid of an extra page without deleting text. This might be the best pick if you’ve just got one or two lines of text on the last page of your document. Here’s how to get started:

1. Navigate to the File tab and scroll down to the Page Setup option.

2. Click on Page Setup and open the popup menu. This is where you can adjust the margins, the size and color of your paper, and finally, the margins.

3. Use the four text boxes at the right to change the margins. Make sure to change both the right and left margins at equal rates to keep your text from appearing off-center.

You can also use the blue arrows located below the toolbar to adjust the margins by dragging the Left Indent and Right Indent to either side.

Method 3: Remove a page break

This method only really works if you have an extra page break in your document. The process is similar to that of highlighting and deleting. You’ll just have to track down the page break in your document — wherever it may lie — and hit delete. While there’s a button to add a page break, you won’t find the same option to eliminate it.

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